Asterisk PBX

Asterisk is a powerful open source telephony platform that runs on the Linux operating system. It provides standard business telephone system (PBX) features and functions. But it can also serve a veriety of specialized rolls including Automated Call Distribution (ACD), Automated Voice Response (IVR), IP telephony gateway/softswitch and more.

Dedicated PBX

With the combination of a Linux-based system, the Asterisk PBX software, web-based administrative interface and business-grade server hardware, HCST configures an enterprise-class PBX appropriate to your organization's needs. Asterisk features are not individually licensed like many proprietary PBX so the entire feature set is available if you need it.

Hosted Solutions

Really small office, or have mobile workers (or work from home)? Our Hosted PBX solutions may work best for you. All you need are phones and a high-quality (business class) Internet connections.... The PBX is located on the internet, so you don't have the hardware or management investment in it!