Will your UPS (battery backup) work when you need it?

A word of caution: the batteries in that Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that you bought several years ago don't last forever!

liebert-powersure-1500vaUPS batteries should be checked on a regular basis (some UPS units have a self-check function they run automatically) to ensure the batteries will hold out when you need them most! Many UPS Vendors recommend a 2-year life-span for batteries. Many factors, including the condition of your normal utility power and temperature determine how long batteries will last. If you have utility power that is "dirty", causing the UPS to cycle on and off battery power frequently, the batteries won't last near as long.

HCST recommends checking UPS batteries on a regular basis, or using UPS units that automatically check and sound an alert when the batteries are detected to be going bad.

Replacement battery units can be purchased from the original manufacturer, although in some cases (especially for the lower-cost UPS) it is less expensive to just replace the entire unit. In some cases, purchasing replacement batteries is possible as well, although swapping out the batteries (instead of the entire battery pack) can be difficult.