Servers & Workstations

HCST is truly your one source for business IT Services.

HCST has established relationships with major vendors and suppliers to provide the hardware, software, accessories and services you need. HCST clients just tell them what their needs are, and HCST will help determine the best solutions, procure, install or set up, and maintain or manage the solution for the client.

HCST chooses vendors because of the relationships they provide and the quality of their products or services. HCST is very careful about that, because when HCST provides a product or service to their clients, the HCST name stands behind it.

Server / Workstation Vendors







With relationships with Dell, IBM and Lenovo, HCST provides the BEST computer hardware for their clients. HCST doesn't custom build "white-box" systems with the least expensive parts available. HCST ensures that the workstations, laptops, and most importantly, the servers that are provided for their clients provide expected levels of fault-free performance, and have fast-turnaround warranty support for those situations that need that level of assurance.