Comparison of Routers and Firewalls

The "Firewall", acting as an interface between your network and the public Internet is a critical component to your IT Infrastructure. Without a firewall, or even with a firewall misconfigured for your requirements, your organization is open to attack and penetration from the Internet.

With a wide variety of clients, HCST has found 3 primary Firewall/Router devices that fit the needs of almost all clients. The choice of a router/firewall is an important one, and is dictated in large part by the network services you need to provide to the Internet, and the amount of control you desire over outbound traffic.

HCST provides network integration services for a number of Telco vendors in the local area! Please contact us for more information.

HCST's Edgeguard product is our most flexible firewall/router, providing a full suite of protection services for the "edge" or your network, including basic firewall, intrusion detection, SPAM Filtering, anti-virus and other services.

Cable DSL router

clear Cisco ASA clear HCST Edgeguard
Network Address Translation checkmark-small(1) checkmark-small checkmark-small
Port Forwarding checkmark-small(1) checkmark-small checkmark-small
IPSEC VPN checkmark-small(2) checkmark-small
Open VPN checkmark-small
Outbound Web Filtering checkmark-small
SPAM Blocker checkmark-small
Spyware Control checkmark-small
Protocol Control checkmark-small(3) checkmark-small
Virus Blocking checkmark-small
Phish Blocker checkmark-small
Intrusion Detection checkmark-small(3) checkmark-small
QoS checkmark-small(2) checkmark-small checkmark-small
Active Directory integration checkmark-small
Policy Manager checkmark-small(3) checkmark-small
Kaspersky Virus Blocker checkmark-small
Web-based PC Remote checkmark-small
Remote Access Portal checkmark-small


1) LImited to ONE public IP Address on the "outside" of the device.

2) On appropriate models

3) With appropriate configuration