Don't get caught by the Windows Operating System scam

So my home phone rang this afternoon with a very odd Caller ID, which I actually answered (I generally don't). The caller (with a heavy indian accent) identified himself as calling from the "Server Center of WIndows Operating System".

Immediately suspicious, so I played along. The caller explained they were seeing a lot of errors "coming from the computer I was using". They would like to help me, and show me what the errors are.


The approach goes something like this: The convince you that your computer has a lot of errors that they can see. They walk you through getting into your Event Viewer (very carefully, so if you're not computer literate, they'll still be able to "help" you). Here, they have you see a lot of errors that they claim are indicative of your problem. No, any time you look at the event viewer, you'll almost always see errors that are actually a normal function of the system, but you probably don't know that!

That's as far as I actually got on the call, but if you search on the internet, actual recordings and screenshots of these conversations (like the one below) can be found, and you'll see the rest of where they take you.

Their ultimate goal is to get you to open a legitimate web-based remote control application, at which point THEY HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR SYSTEM !!! They can then download any information from your system they want, or even upload spyware or viruses to your system.

I've heard reports that sometimes they'll offer you a "deal" where you PAY THEM, and they'll clean your system.

PLEASE, DONT GET CAUGHT BY THIS SCAM! Never give someone you don't know control of your system.