Secure Certificate Options

For our clients using "Secure Web Sites" -- either hosted by HCST, or on your own systems, HCST can provide the Secure Certificate necessary to authenticate your site for your users. Secure web sites are necessary in any cases where your users are communicating private or sensitive information (especially for eCommerce, corporate Intranet, or other senstitive applications) across the Internet.

The Secure Certificate signed by a Trusted "Root Certificate Authority" is important to provide your users the level of trust they need to complete their transaction, and the level of security you need to know that data is protected.

HCST Certificates are provided through our relationship with GeoTrust -- a leading Root Certificate Authority.

For HCST-hosted web sites, HCST completes the entire certificate process on your behalf, without you having to do anything. If you host your own web site, HCST can guide you through those portions of the process requiring your intervention, or assist you via our Remote Support tools.

HCST Secure Certificate pricing* is as follows:

1 yr $149.00
2 yrs $261.00
3 yrs $372.00


*Please note: certificates can not be "cancelled" or costs refunded after 7 days.