Server Co-location

HCST provides facilities in our Beavercreek network operations facility for organizations to host services or applications requiring access to high-bandwidth, high-availability internet access without the expense of dedicated circuits to your office.

Server co-location gives you complete control over your own servers, and dedicated access to high-availability, high-bandwidth internet access.

HCST is connected directly to the Tier-1 backbone via fiber optic connection at our Beavercreek facility. Thus, we have high-availability, extremely flexible and cost effective Internet services for your server(s).

HCST provides its expert services and staff to ensure trouble-free operation, and our friendly expert technicians are available to  assist you whenever you need.

All HCST facilities are monitored 24x7, ensuring trouble-free operation, and fast response to your needs.

Prices are based on physical space, bandwidth, and additional support services.

Services include power (120V 15A -- contact us for other options), environment, dedicated fast ethernet port, IP addresses as necessary.

You provide your own hardware (contact us for quotes on Dell or custom-built systems) and management. HCST provides bandwidth, 24x7 monitoring of your connection, and power.

HCST support services are available for co-location clients. Simple reboots are performed at no cost during normal business hours (Beavercreek facility only).


one time fee 250.00
special power requirements call
RACK-MOUNT (19"), per 4U vertical 150.00/mo
SHELF (tower), per system
(Beavercreek only)
256k x 256k included
1.5M x 384k 65.95
3.0M x 768k 109.95
1M x 1M 200.00
2M x 2M 425.00
5M x 5M 650.00
8M x 8M 875.00
custom contact us!
Managed Services as low as


HCST Colocation and managed services are subject to our Master Service Agreement, as well as the Acceptable Use Policy.