Offsite Storage

HCST Off-site On-Line file storage

For that added bit of assurance that your critical files are available, even if your system crashes, HCST has added a new service designed for our business-class users.

Based at an off-site location, HCST has established a large file server to store your critical files offsite, but on-line. Files can be stored and retrieved quickly and easily using standard Windows shares, or via HCST-managed bacula backup software. Our file server has a large amount of on-line disk space, and is flexible to add additional storage space as needed. All online file storage is mirrored to ensure your data is available when you need it.


Charges for the HCST*Net Offsite File Storage service is based on the amount of disk space used, monitored on a daily basis, at $2/month ($0.067/day) per Gigabyte stored with a minimum of $20/month.

Example Monthly Charges

10 Gbyte $20.10 (minimum monthly charge)
20 Gbyte $40.20
50 Gbyte 100.50