Email Services

In almost every business, no matter the size, and no matter the types of products or services provided, Email is the  common thread that is important to almost all. The lack of an email address almost certainly means lost business opportunities, and tech-savvy potential customers look on the "free" accounts (yahoo, aol, gmail, etc) with dubious eyes -- appearing to all that your business runs on shoestrings - whether true or not.

Larger businesses can afford (or at least justify easier) the costs of dedicated hardware and support to host their own Microsoft Exchange server (or similiar), but small business are left with few viable options that provide the full suite of functionality needed at a cost that can be borne without too much pain.

Hosted Email accounts provide smaller businesses the needed flexibility, but features and capabilities vary widely.

The primary features companies look for in a full-featured email solution are:

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HCST has a range of Email services to fit your needs, and we'll be more than happy to help you find the service that fits your needs the best.

HCST Basic Email Accounts.

POP or IMAP access to email, includes Anti-SPAM / Anti-Virus filtering. HCST includes a variety of domain aliasing capabilities to match multiple email addresses to one account.

HCST Hosted Email.

HCST's Hosted Email solution is a complete package providing email accounts, Anti-SPAM / Anti-Virus as well as calendaring and contacts in an easy-to-use web interface (webmail). Further, email can be access via POP or IMAP through common clients such as Microsoft Outlook.

Anti-SPAM / Anti-VIRUS filtering only.

HCST has several options for those clients with their own email servers to filter SPAM and Viruses from email BEFORE those messages waste bandwidth or email server resources. With the highest quality SPAM and VIRUS filtering capabilities, these options reject blatant spam and viruses without bothering the user, quarantine suspect messages, and allow clean messages to pass through.

HCST is one of the Miami Valley's largest partners of McAfee SaaS Email and Web Security. Read more about these services.

On-premise Microsoft Exchange Server.

Often combined with Microsoft file sharing, database, Sharepoint or other common applications, HCST is able to provide complete enterprise server options for small to mid-sized companies utilizing standard Microsoft software and preferred Dell or Lenovo servers.

For these and other services, please contact HCST directly for more information on how we can assist your organization!