Internet Services at Beavercreek Commerce Center

Located in the Beavercreek Commerce Center, in Beavercreek Ohio, HCST provides a full-range of Internet services for fellow tenants in this facility by virtue of our high-speed, backbone Internet connectivity, and direct connectivity to major telco provider(s).

Services available

For tenants located immediately in the same facility (2324 through 2348 Grange Hall Road), the following services are immediately available:

Internet Access
  • 1.5M x 384k
  • 3.0 x 768k
  • 2M x 2M
  • 5M x 5M
  • 8M x 8M
  • other bandwidth options available upon request!
All bandwidth is monitored, and delivered via standard 100M Ethernet connection.



Phone Services

Via our direct connectivity to twTelecom backbone services, Telco services are available via analog ports, T1, or PRI.

HCST can provide VOIP phone services via dedicated PBX or hosted VOIP solutions.


Web Hosting and Colocation

HCST provides web hosting and email services as well as server Co-Location in our data center at the Beavercreek Commerce Center.


IT Support Services

How much more convenient could it be, than to have your IT Support services located in the same building! HCST Managed and Reactive support services provide the level of IT Support your organization needs, without on-staff personnel!


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For more information about available HCST Services, please contact us!