Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of our more frequently asked questions:

What are the HCST mail servers?

The primary HCST mail server(s) can be accessed at We support both POP and IMAP for receiving email, and SMTP for sending.

What are the HCST Domain Name Server addresses?

HCST maintains 3 geographically dispersed name servers supporting all our managed domains. These name servers should be configured on any HCST*Net Dedicated Internet Access and Co-Locate clients.
May I send email through HCST mail servers?

HCST clients on dedicated HCST Address space may relay email through Other HCST users may relay through using authenticated SMTP sessions. In outlook, choose the option "My Server Requires Authentication", and specify your normal HCST username and password.

What is the webmail address?

HCST Webmail is at

What is the address for my SPAM quarantine?

HCST has several anti-SPAM solutions in use, so the exact URL to use depends on which service you or your organization uses. Please click on the appropriate link below:

How do I configure my Email client?

We have prepared guides to configure your email client for the popular email clients. If you have further questions, please contact us.