The Business Case for Asterisk - the Open Source PBX

While researching for some valuable information to post about Asterisk-based phone systems as a critical resource, I came across the following excerpt from the book "Asterisk: The Future of Telephony." I've read this book previously, but this quote states the case for the extreme flexibility of Asterisk as a critical business telecommunications resource:

1.6. The Business Case

It is very rare to find businesses these days that do not have to reinvent themselves every few years. It is equally rare to find a business that can afford to replace its communications infrastructure each time it goes in a new direction. Today's businesses need extreme flexibility in all of their technology, including telecom.

In his book Crossing the Chasm (HarperBusiness), Geoffrey Moore opines, "The idea that the value of the system will be discovered rather than known at the time of installation implies, in turn, that product flexibility and adaptability, as well as ongoing account service, should be critical components of any buyer's evaluation checklist." What this means, in part, is that the true value of a technology is often not known until it has been deployed.

How compelling, then, to have a system that holds at its very heart the concept of openness and the value of continuous innovation.

Since this book was originally published in 2005, Asterisk has come a LONG way, with many additional features, graphic user interfaces, appliance-based hardware options, and phones.

We continue to find the case for Asterisk as the base of a business telecommunications system to be compelling. Among some of the most compelling arguments are:

How does your phone system stack up to your business needs? If you'd like more information on Asterisk-based phone systems, any other HCST services, or would just like the opportunity to review your IT infrastructure with an outside organization, please contact me -- I'll be happy to have an initial conversation with you at no cost or obligation to you!